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The Sherwood Experience: 
(A Brief History 1933 - 1947)

Years of Dynasmism: Allwyn Binns:

1932 marked the end of an era with the departure of the great Mr. Dixon so much a part of Sherwood that, in the fitness of things, the senior wing came to be known as Dixon wing. So intense was his devotion to the school the rumours were afloat that the school would have to close down with his departure, but the Rev. Allwyn Binns proved a worthy successor. Under his youthful and dynamic leadership, the reputation of the school was maintained. He introduced the Cock-House system, the Marathon run and prohibited 'lupping' of the juniors, thereby earning their undying gratitude. When he discovered the frequent skirmishes between the school and St. Joseph's, the result of too intense a rivalry, he turned to other school - Oak Grove and Bishop Cotton's and the two La Martinieres - to bring things back to a more healthy perspective.

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The school is re-christened:

In 1937, the name of the school was changed from the Diocesan Boys' School to Sherwood College, although to this day it is known to the coolies as 'Malla Di-shen' which being translated, is presumably 'Upper Diocesan'.

The shower popularly known as 'the dry-cleaning center' had hot and cold water laid on in 1934. The system was automatic for the seniors who got in first, it was hot, whilst for the rest it was cold !

The Binns block was built on the northern side of the back 'quad' and in the following year, a noble edifice, named Milman Hall after the founder, replaced the old tin-shed which gloried in the name of 'The Pavilion'. The new building which cost the unbelievable sum of Rs. 60,000/- was formally opened by Sir Harry Haig Governor of the U.P. It now accommodates a beautiful school Hall above with a seating capacity of 600 and a well equipped gymnasium below.

The College Chapel:

The college chapel dedicated on October 1, 1913, was re-dedicated to St. Barnbas, the Apostle of Learning, on June 5, 1937 A beautiful stained stained glass-window depicting the Good Shepherd was erected on the occasion of School's Diamond Jubilee in 1929. The Hammond Electric organ, bought for Rs.8,000/- out of generous donations by old boys and friends, was installed in 1939 and it still serves to add beauty and inspiration to our Chapel Services.

On Founder's Day June 5th, 1940, a very handsome teak altar and altar rails were dedicated to the memory of 'Old Tom' Taylor, a member of the college from 1884-1932. These were gifted by his two sons and and members of the old Sherwoodian Society.

The following winter the wooden paneling of 'shisham' was placed right round the chapel and dedicated on Founder's day, June 5th. 1941. 

In the same year at the 'Annual confirmation Service' the beautiful teak door was dedicated as a thanksgiving offering. All these additions add new dimension to the dignity and beauty of this revered place on the school on the school campus.

The Second World War:

With the outbreak of the second World War, many Sherwoodians came forward to make their own contributions, however, small, and as in the Great War there were many heroes from the school. In 1947, the Old Sherwoodians Society had a beautiful plaque fabricated bearing the legend 'Sacred to the memory of Old Sherwoodians who made the Supreme Sacrifice in World War II'. Its lists the the names of those who fell in action. 

Another roll of honour bearing the names of all those who were in active service in World War II hangs in Milman Hall.

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