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The Sherwood Experience: 
(A Brief History 1903 - 1932)

The Legendary Mr. Dixon: Years of Growth and Consolidation:

Mr. W,A. Pemberton served as Principal for a short term  (1903-1906), but his successor Mr. C.H. Dixon was to become one of the best-remembered Heads of the school. When he retired in 1932, the fortunes of the school had scaled unprecedented heights. The school was blessed at this time with an exceptionally gifted staff who brought with them not only academic excellence but also the fine ideals on which a school is nurtured. Among them was Tom Taylor, 49 years on the staff and the embodiment of all that was good in Sherwood; Mr. Roberts, who started the school magazine in 1908; Mr. C. Duggan, a founder-member of the staff, and 'Dingo' Dawson, the Science master, who composed the school song which was sung to the tune of 'Way Down in Dixie'. There are lovely stories associated with C.A.D. (which Mr. Lean hastens to add were most inappropriate initials) : Mr. Dawson's Science lessons invariably ended with an explosion. One such explosion deposited a piece of glass in Mr. Lean's ear ! On another occasion he tied up his lap assistant, that grand old man 'Lighting', as tiger bait and he once attacked a hornest' nest in his bare feet while out camping with the scouts and thereafter could not wear his boots and socks for many weeks to come !

Another great man was Mr. Norman Smith, 'Bluey' to all who has been described as the doyen of absent-minded professors. It was rumoured that he once put his stick to bed and stood himself in the corner !

The Great War !

The Great war of 1914-18 saw Sherwoodians distinguishing themselves in the armed forces. Lt. Holmes won the Military cross for gallantry at the Relief of Kut and Allan Jones the Distinguished Conduct Medal for blowing up enemy dug-outs at Vierstraat France.

The Four Houses are introduced : 
The originator of the division of the School into 4 houses in 1918 was Mr. Lilley : 
They are:
 Robin Hood   Green 'Stet Fortuna Dumas'. 
'Let the Fortunes of the House Prevail'.
 Friar Tuck    Blue 'Ones Separabit nos'. 
'None can Seperate us'.
 Allen-A-Dale    Red 'No Lite Cedere'. 
'Never Give In'.
 Little John    Yellow 'Units pro omnibus-Omnes Pro Uno'.
'One for all and for all and all for one'

Old Faithfuls :
Among the lesser mortals Who have passed into immortality 
there was 'Chester', a grand old faithful, whose duty it was to rouse boys out of bed every morning to the sound of a semi-gong (the other half having been broken off by an over enthusiastic time keeper at boxing bout !) and all that he got for his pains was a volley of boots and a shower of curses. There was the tailor reputed to be skilled in the art of re-stitching boys' trousers without their having to remove them. Then there was 'Friday', another old faithful, more often seen than heard as he noisily tinkered around making hot-water for baths. Service to the school became a tradition with many families. There are some today who can trace their association back to the very beginning, among Durga and Goverdhan, the chaprassis : Bandoo the barber; Sanoo the head sweeper; and Hafiz and Khlil, the dhobis.

The infirmary is built:

In 1922 electricity came to Sherwood and on on 15th June of the same year the infirmary was dedicated and sanctified. It stands on the spot where once stood the 'gwala's hut' that accommodated, to quote an eye-witness, "three or four dehydrated cows and thousands of cubic feet of overpowering bovine odour. the milk we never got in our porridge or never got in our tea was apparently from these cows !"

Horsman Wing:

The Horsman brothers, both old Sherwoodians, With their generous contribution of Rs. 75,000/- made possible the construction of the junior wing known as Horsman Wing, which was dedicated to their father. This was completed in 1927.

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