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Old Sherwoodians Society - UK
A UK-based web site for ex-members of Sherwood College, Nainital, India. This site is intended to be a source of information for Old Sherwoodians and friends.
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North American All Saintsí & Sherwood Alumni Association
Kaleem Omar - An OS in Pakistan?  
Kaleem Omar is one of Pakistan's most prolific journalists and one of the country's leading poets in English.
Who is Yogiraj Satgurunath?
Dr. Hemang Dixit
Class Of 1998
A website developed by Harpreet Baweja in the honor of the Class of 98
(Website -
Class Of 2002
A website developed by Aamir Iqbal.
(Website -
Sherwood ISC 2006 (Batch of 2005)
A website developed by Shashank Kumar.
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All Saint's College - The Hotsteppers
A website developed by Gursimran Thandi, ICSE 2000 (All C).
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