July 1979 The Sherwoodian Times 12th Issue

I.S.C. Results

All candidates were awarded pass certificates in the I.S.C. examination. There were no failures in any subject, except for one 'casualty' in Mathematics.

Ashoke Sinha secured the first position in the class obtaining 8 points (83.2% ) and he was followed closely behind by P. Dalmia who also obtained 8 points (82.8%). Benoy Sharma was third with 10 points (81.0%). The candidate who brought up the rear (and someone must do this !) obtained 51.2%, which, too, is creditable.

The comparative analysis given above reveals that Sherwood had a higher percentage of Distinctions and Credits in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English than attained by candidates on an All - India basis. The result in Biology is particularly commendable. The Sherwood mean grade in these four subjects was also better than the All-India mean grade in these subjects. There were also no failures in these subjects. However, the results in these subjects (except Biology) need to be improved in two respects.

The percentage of High Credits (Grade 3) ought to be higher and the percentage of those obtaining the mere pass standard (Grade 7 & 8) ought to be lower. In this respect the result in English, in particular. was disappointing.

In Hindi is obvious that a much higher percentage of Distinctions are required, but it must also be noted that 88% of our candidates obtained a credit which is creditable when one takes into account the number of boys who were regarded as weak in the subject.

In Mathematics there was a higher percentage of failures on the All-India basis than at Sherwood, which is some compensation, but if our results are to compare favourably with the All-India standard in future, it will be necessary to have more boys obtaining Distinction and High Credits and fewer borderline passes.

However, despite these weaknesses, which we have made no effort to conceal, our results compare favourably with the All-India standard despite our curriculum not being examination-oriented.

Comparative percentage grade distribution.

  Distinction Credit Pass Fail
English Sherwood 12.00% 64.00% 24.00% Nil
All-India 8.97% 63.93% 21.92v 5.17%
Hindi Sherwood 4.00% 88.00% 8.00% Nil
All-India 12.72% 71.23% 13.39% 2.65%
Commerce Sherwood 10.00% 90.00% Nil Nil
All-India 11.27% 65.97% 19.31% 3.45%
Mathematics Sherwood 12.00% 48.00% 36.00% 4.00%
All-India 16.53% 54.66% 20.60% 8.23%
Physics Sherwood 12.00% 64.00% 24.00% Nil
All-India 10.99% 56.64% 22.49% 9.88%
Chemistry Sherwood 16.00% 60.00% 24.00% Nil
All-India 12.28% 57.45% 21.22% 9.06%
Biology Sherwood 31.00% 69.00% Nil Nil
All-India 9.62% 60.95% 22.87% 6.58%

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