Appeal + Annexure

Dear Old Sherwoodians,

We are trying to collect the names of the Old Sherwoodians who have been achievers' in the various fields (refer below). Please send me at the very earliest, the name(s) of anyone you know of, who would fall in the category of having made a notable contribution in any sphere. details pertaining to the person may kindly be intimated to me.

Broad Categories
a) Armed Forces
b) Public Service (IAS/IFS etc.)
c) Theatre/Cinema/Fine Arts
d) Business/Commerce/Industry
e) Sports
f) Education
g) Publishing/Scholarship
h) Any other field

I am sending out an Appeal to O.S. to come forward and help their Alma Mater (
click to see the Appeal). The start of the new Millennium/ century is, as I see it, the right time for the O.S. to associate themselves more intimately with the growth of their Alma Mater. If every O.S. contributed even Rs. 1500/- towards the 'Millennium Appeal Fund', the college would get approximately Rupees Fourteen lacs.

The Kathmandu Chapter has already sent Rs. 1.65 lacs. Surely, the Delhi chapter and chapters in Bombay, Calcutta, etc., can do much better. Incidentally, the O.S. in Bombay and Calcutta (a much smaller body) have over the years made some contribution. I am now taking the initiative in reviving the O.S. Society on an All-India basis and I will be nominating a few O.S. to be members of the 'Interim' Executive Committee of the O.S. Society which will draft a Constitution for the Society and, thereafter, there will be 'elections' as per the Rules and Regulations of the Society. This should lead to the O.S. becoming a more organized body, with more O.S. being actively involved with the primary objective of helping their Alma Mater to go forward, instead of merely having annual get-togethers which are serving no useful purpose, whatsoever.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

D.R.A. Mountford

Postal Address:
The Principal
Sherwood College
Nainital - 263 001 (UP)
Telephone : (05942) 35036
Fax : (05942) 36361
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