Who is Yogiraj Satgurunath?


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A Sherwoodian - Born on 10th of May 1944

Siddhanath in Samadhi
(Siddhanath in Samadhi)

Yogiraj Satgurunath is a Himalayan spiritual master from the Nath lineage of Yogis. 

A manifestation of universal compassion, love and wisdom, Gurunath spent his early years in the Himalayas with the great Nath Yogis, in whose presence he was transformed.

Yogeshwar Krishna's vision has given him the realization of the oneness of all Yogas.

Gurunath now teaches Hamsa Yoga, an ancient form of yoga founded by the Nath Sampradaya and the Siddha Yoga of GorakshaNath Babaji (the same mentioned by Divine Yogananda in his Autobiography of a Yogi).

He bestows powerful Shaktipat transmissions and unique No-Mind states of awareness which empower the practitioners to gradually go into Sahaj Samadhi (their own Self), experiencing the depth of Eternal Being.

Gurunath is a true master who, unlike a teacher, awakens you to the next level of spiritual experience.

The Experience

An Illumined Being with deep, direct experiences of Babaji Gorakshanath, Gurunath delivers to humanity an urgent message for all to accept individual responsibility for the genesis of Earth Peace, rather than relying on governing bodies to bring about a harmonious state.  He is the only Master presently in America who gives authentic experiences of energy transmissions created specifically for spiritual and healing transformation essential to the awakening and continued existence of mankind.

For those who are receptive and in attunement, Gurunath imparts dimensions of his own Expanded Still Mind Consciousness of Natural Enlightenment, called Sahaj Samadhi.  He gives his Soul in the form of a profound stillness…a profound silence.  Experience of this exquisitely heightened awareness produces a fathomless peace beyond normal perception.  Guidance in Out-of-Body Awareness and dynamic Transmissions of vital energy that heal and reduce stress are also bestowed upon those who participate in his public sessions.

Eloquent and articulate in expression, all that Gurunath manifests is through the philosophy of Enlightened Action.  In the truest and highest sense, the Master (Gurunath) does nothing, as all of his activities of serving humanity through Yoga are initiated through Divine Consciousness.

As an offering to humanity, Gurunath unveils the ancient art and science of Hamsa Yoga - The Way of the White Swan™ - an inner, meditative journey leading to spiritual awakening and healing.  “Hamsa” literally means Swan, and symbolizes the Soul. The Way of the White Swan™ also holds special knowledge for those interested in the scientific basis of consciousness.  By tracing the illuminating flow of universal energy through the corpus collossum, a section of the mid-brain which is formed like a Swan in flight, insight may be gained as to how a Yogi advances to enlightenment.

Experience of the Christ Consciousness inherent in all Souls, a clear mind of bliss, may be realized through Babaji Kriya Yoga, the sacred science of the Self.  These higher levels of consciousness are accessible to each human being through confident practice with an open mind.  Gifts of the Soul, they are conveyed through the Sat-Guru selflessly as a servant of humanity and Divinity.

His Life

Yogiraj Satgurunath is a Siddha by birth. Gurunath was born on May 10, 1944 into one of the premier families of Gwalior. Educated at Sherwood College, Nainital, in India, he spent his early years in the Himalayas with the great Nath Yogis, in whose presence he was transformed. The Divine Transformation was completed by his deep and personal experience with Mahavatar Babaji (Shiv Goraksha Nath).

Gurunath resides in the city of Pune in western India, and has an ashram outside the city. He teaches aspirants at the ashram and around the world.

As a child of five in Sahaj Gurunath as a child of five in Sahaj Samadhi

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